Laundromat Business Information and Resources

Starting a laundromat business may seem simple but if you look a little deeper you will see that there is more to it than meets a person’s eye. Some laundromat owners rush with it and end up misjudging the market, spending too much to get started or making other mistakes that lead to financial losses and business closure. Others end up doing everything right and revel in the semi-passive income that this structure has to offer.

What stands between these successful laundromat owners from the losers. A lot of the difference browse around here precipitates to the research, planning and preparation that is done before the coin washing is opened for business.

To increase your likelihood of success in this business you have to do your quest and access to quality information. You have to read everything that you can and talk to people who may be able to offer useful advice. Below I have set out some potential laundromat business information sources.

Books and Startup Kits

A great starting point is to do some reading on the laundromat business. There are many books for sale online. You can also consider purchasing e-books and online startup kits that you can download right away. Wherever possible, try to purchase information from someone who has had first hand experience in the business.

Laundromat Owners

One good idea to get information about the laundromat business is to talk to people who are already in this business. While it may be difficult to cause them to really give you their tips and tricks, they may offer you some guidance if you are well mannered. One of the most important things to find out is what kind of machinery they are using and how their experience has been with it. How quick was the manufacturer to respond when their machines have broken down?

You may also find someone who has succeeded and is happy to mentor you, providing that you will never be one of their direct competitors

Work Experience

Consider getting a job at a laundromat so that you can learn more about the business. Ideally you could work for someone who owns a archipelago of stores so you can get an overview of how a successful operation is run. Even if you just got a job as an clerk for 2 months you could learn a lot about the business.

Equipment Suppliers

One of the best sources of information to take advantage of when you are just starting out is local suppliers. Manufacturers and distributors of coin managed washing equipment should be able to give you an enormous amount of information on the local industry and your expected startup costs. You should attempt to stay a little hesitant as their motivation will of course be to sell you machinery.

Join Associations

As a business owner you can benefit a lot in this industry by joining a relevant trade association. The Coin Washing Association is the US serves laundromats at the national level and there are also many local associations as well.

Discussion boards

Lastly, a great place to grab information about the coin washing business is online discussion discussion boards. There are several sites on the internet where laundromat business owners meet to discuss industry news and developments. The mood on these discussion boards is usually fairly well mannered and helpful and the wonderful don’t mind if you ask questions.

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