Do We Know the Cause of Alcoholism Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism affects hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and is the cause of many deaths แหล่งขายเหล้า. There are many differing views on Alcoholism Alcohol abuse however one thing is certain, as of yet we do not know what causes alcoholism alcohol abuse.

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I know from personal experience that Alcoholism can be treated but this can only happen if the Alcoholic admits and accepts they have a problem and wants to stop. I suffered from Alcoholism alcohol abuse for many years and eventually there came a point in my life when I simply could not do this to myself any longer, I had reached a point in my life where I knew something had to change, and alcoholism alcohol abuse was slowly but surely stripping me of everything.

I am a recovering Alcoholic and I found recovery and have not taken a drink or wanted to take a drink for many years. Today I live a happy and contented life, alcohol no longer plays a part in my life and it rarely crosses my mind which is a miracle. There was a time when my whole life was consumed by Alcohol and I was interested in nothing else.

I have read many books on Alcoholism and alcohol abuse, I was trying to find answers, why could I not drink like other people, why could I not just have a drink and stop. I never found the complete answer and neither have the doctors or consultants; alcoholism alcohol abuse to this day remains a bit of a mystery. What I did find out was that talking to other alcoholics I felt some kind of connection, I knew they understood me and there were some definite traits that seemed to pop up.

I am talking from experience when I say one Alcoholic talking to another can be of great help, they have been through the same hell as I have and felt the same way. When I talk to another alcoholic I feel they know me, they understand me and I feel I am no longer alone. Professional people in the addiction field can be helpful and they can provide guidance to any person suffering from Alcoholism alcohol abuse but please don’t under estimate the power of one recovering Alcoholic talking to another.

So, have we answered the question what is the causes of alcoholism alcohol abuse? No we have not and there is still much research to be done before we can answer that. However, even if we don’t have all the answers we know for certain that any Alcoholic who wants to stop drinking can as long as they admit and accept they have a problem.

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